This past week a patient came in and told me that he had negotiated an exit package from his workplace; a drug company.

He went on to tell me that the entire business is centred solely on profit and has no interest in people getting well.  They want people to stay sick so they can keep selling them drugs.  Bluntly stated, he said, there is no profit in getting people healthy.  He couldn’t do it anymore.

Consider this.  Every second there are trillions of chemical reactions occurring in the trillions of cells of your being.  Do you really think someone looking at it from the outside in after a short consultation and a couple of blood tests can “normalize” someone else’s chemistry?  Me neither!

You are activated, vivified, from above down, inside out.  Life flows from above from above down, inside out.  Healing can only come from above down, inside out.  In truth sickness can only develop from within out when the flow of life is distorted from above down inside out.

Chiropractors focus on maintaining the flow of life, the principle of life from above down inside out by correcting subluxations which interfere with the Law of Life within you.

What makes more sense trusting the power that made you, or a synthetic chemical?

Society is in trouble.  Chiropractic is the answer.