Chiropractic – Pure and Powerful

Pure and Powerful Chiropractors and Chiropractic Assistants who live their lives based upon three defining principles:

We try our best to love unconditionally.

We work daily to expand our perception of Universal and Innate Intelligence.
We live by Palmer’s Law of Life, as B. J. taught us. We use these principles to expand our awareness of the possibilities
chiropractic has to offer and to teach others about these possibilities.
We use these principles to refine our art form as chiropractors.

We live and practice the Dynamic Essential of loving, giving and serving out of our abundance,
just for the sake of doing so, without thought of anything in return as taught by Dr. Sid Williams.

Each of these principles is infinite in their wisdom, in their application in our lives and in the lives of the people we serve. Each is bigger than any one individual and each principle will continue to live long after we are gone.

As we master these principles, our capacity to serve and help people continually expands. The team of Pure and Powerful speakers is committed to giving you everything they have. They all celebrate the principle as the unifying factor in Chiropractic.

We look forward to sharing with you!

Practice with power and purity!

Join us along with hundreds of others for Pure and Powerful!

Mark your calendars,
the Next Pure and Powerful is happening
Saturday November 2, 2024

at the Four Points Sheraton (6257 Airport Rd, Mississauga)

Speakers Include

  • Dr. Peter Amlinger
  • Dr. Tom Preston
  • Dr. Paul Preston
  • Dr. Ryan French
  • Dr. Sean Murphy
  • Dr. Stew Bittman
  • Dr. Tonianne Roses Sottile
  • Cathy Urie

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