It has been said that chiropractic is so simple it offends the mind.  My dear friend Dr. Ryan French made this statement and I honor it’s truth.  Chiropractic is so simple in a world where we want to dissect and define every thing around us, often making it very complex.  The challenge with the chiropractic principle is that you can’t dissect infinity; nor can you define it.  When you try to, you limit it.


Consider that chiropractic is based upon:


  • The fact that an intelligent and purposeful energy animates and maintains balance and harmony in the universe.
  • A subunit of this universal intelligence animates us and maintains balance and harmony within us.  It is our innate intelligence.
  • Innate maintains harmony and balance within us and in our relationship with the outside universe.
  • It utilizes our nervous system as it’s communication system.
  • Vertebral subluxations interfere with it’s ability to maintain harmony and balance within us.
  • Living subluxated and out of balance with this energy over time will lead to a crisis in health or in life.
  • Adjustments restore harmony and balance and create the opportunity for  the intelligence which built us to restore us internally and in our relationship with the universe..
  • It just makes sense to live fully connected to this power.
  • The ultimate gift chiropractic offers is the possibility of staying connected to this power for our lifetime!


Simple isn’t it.  Do not allow it’s simplicity to mask it’s power.  Tell every one you know about chiropractic!