At a significant time in human history when the medical paradigm is being challenged due to a failing model; why is it that chiropractic is not number one.

What is possible by the year 2020?  To be a relevant, vitalistic health care option for families worldwide, or a limited scope, therapy?

Dr. Kelly, a native of New Zealand, was an undergraduate student at Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand and completed his professional education and training in chiropractic at the Phillip Institute of Technology (PIT) now the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Melbourne, Australia.  He ran a busy practice with his wife Vikki for 11 years, prior to becoming President of the NZ College of Chiropractic, a position he held for 8 years.  A past president of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation for over a decade, he was President for 6 years.

He was a candidate in the NZ general election in 2008 and ran a successful campaign.

A professional musician, he has toured twice with Motown Bands the Four Tops and the Temptations, and has recorded a number of jazz albums.  He is presently completing his studies towards an MBA.