Join Dr. Peter and Dr. Stew for the
Feeding The White Wolf Experience
happening Friday November 1st.

A Cherokee grandfather tells his grandson, “We all have two wolves inside us, a white wolf and a black wolf. The black wolf is filled with fear, anger, envy, jealousy, greed, and arrogance. The white wolf is filled with peace, love, hope, courage, humility, compassion, and faith. They battle constantly.” The child asks, “Grandfather, which wolf wins?”. The old man replies, “The one we feed.”

Join 2 chiropractic spiritual masters on a journey of self- exploration and evolution. If you want more ease, joy or love in your life or practice, we know you can have it because it’s already in the white wolf within, waiting to be “fed.”

What you’ll specifically get from the day is hard to predict since it will be an individual journey. That being said, YOU WILL GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED.

Here are some things you won’t get:

  • A canned, planned schedule (Innate will be running the show)
  • A specific program or anything to buy
  • Our agendas or belief systems laid on you (you’re already whole & perfect)

Stew and Peter have both been heavily influenced by many legendary chiropractors, especially Drs Jim Sigafoose and Richard J Santo. Stew was an integral part of The Gathering for many years and Sigafoose has said that Stew was one of the clearest and connected human beings he had ever met. Dr Santo passed Peter the torch after a healing circle on a beach in Spain in 2004. They have shared platforms and facilitated experiences throughout the world together and are affectionately know as “the twins” in the Chiroeurope community.

It is our intention to serve those who attend our experiences in the same manner that our mentors served us.

There are a very limited number of seats available, so register NOW.

Date: Friday November 1, 2024
Time: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Location: 210-3476 Glen Erin Drive Mississauga, ON L5L 3R4
Cost: $279 (plus HST)

The wolf experience cracked my heart wide open. Before I was just getting by, but not truly living. I had lost touch with my source and disconnected from my heart. Stew and Pete helped me find my power within and the world looks much different now. I want to continue to practice this heart centered work and would encourage anyone else who feels like they are not as happy or as fulfilled as they want to be to reach out and connect with these two wonderful human beings.

~Thom Green