As I have processed the events in Connecticut from last Friday, the following four thoughts keep repeating within me.

  • What we resist, persists.
  • We do not weave the web of life, we are merely a strand in it; whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.  We are all related.
  • We all originated from perfect love, from which we have become separated; how do we get back to this Source of all love, all peace, all healing and all understanding.
  • We must be the change that we want to see in the world.

This weeks message is a tough one but IS TRANSFORMATIVE if applied.

We, as a race, need to embrace the fact that each of us is a cell in the body of humanity.  We cannot be separated from one another in thoughts, feelings and actions.  WE, as Chief Seattle said are all part of the web of life.  We therefore, must embrace the terror and horror the children and teachers must have experienced last Friday morning.  We must feel the loss that the families of those who died must be feeling because, in actuality through the interconnectedness of all life, we did also lose our children. We also must realize that the person who had become so disconnected from Source, from the Love of all Loves, was also a cell in the body of humanity.

There are ancient teachings from all cultures that all point to the same truth.  The outer world is an expression of our inner worlds.  When we connect to the grief, the horror, and the shock, we are actually connecting to places WITHIN ourselves.  By the same token, there must be a place of “no love” within each of us. A place of rage, a place of whatever the cell in the body of humanity who pulled the trigger was feeling within himself, exists within each of us.  The wisdom of all cultures tells us that if we want to truly heal the body of humanity and minimize the chance of such events recurring in the future, we cannot resist this opportunity to heal.  I chose to reflect this weekend on the times in my life in which, through my thoughts, feelings and words I have committed murder.

In doing so I touched parts of myself which had become disconnected from the SOURCE OF ALL LOVE, which loved me into existence.  By not resisting this exercise I have freed myself up to become more peaceful, more loving and more connected to the body of humanity.  To live in communion with all of my brothers and sisters and to realize that whatever I see in another, whether I see it as beautiful or ugly, is, in fact, a reflection of me.  I then release these parts of me (and the body of humanity) with these words.  I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.  I do it until I feel it release.

Living in this awareness and constantly releasing along with staying fully connected to SOURCE through regular chiropractic adjustments keeps me moving along the path towards Christ like love.  Why don’t we all commit to this path as we move forward as a family.  It can only help.  It can only heal.