Saturday, September 18th, 2010
Carlisle Golf & Country Club
$1000 per foursome

Tee it up for Chiropractic Research

In 1935 BJ Palmer realized that many leaders in chiropractic were very dogmatic in the interpretation, explanation and expression of chiropractic. He went on to state that perhaps because he was the most dogmatic he had the biggest following and the largest chiropractic school.

He realized that this was not in chiropracticʼs best interest, nor in the best interest of the sick and suffering humanity that chiropractors served. It was at this time that he established the BJ Palmer Research Clinic, spending 1 million dollars in order to do so.

His vision was to validate chiropractic philosophy and art through scientific research. He accomplished that vision and unfortunately much of what BJʼs research team found remains unknown by many in our profession and by humanity at large.

There is no question that in todays world well designed research is imperative to moving chiropractic forward and reaching more of the sick and suffering humanity who desperately need the touch of a well trained chiropractor who has a firm understanding of the chiropractic philosophy and the science behind it and who has mastered the art of the specific chiropractic adjustment.

Research looking into the causes of subluxation, the deleterious effects of subluxation and the impact of of the chiropractic adjustment in restoring health has been done by BJ and others but it needs to updated and expanded. I believe that todays technology will not only validate BJs research but expand it. We need researchers to do the research but our researchers need funding to do their work.

While we have many dedicated researchers doing cutting edge research in many areas we need more. I also believe that we need to once and for all do some research demonstrating the subluxation and proves its existence, demonstrate scientifically how subluxation affects physiology and how adjustment normalizes function and physiology and optimizes the expression of human potential.

The vision of this golf tournament is simple; to gather chiropractors, their patients and chiropractic supporters on a golf course to have fun and in the process raise money that will be channelled into research described above. Our goal for this inaugural tournament is to raise a minimum of 25k but we see it as an annual event that can be expanded across the nation, or perhaps the world which can raise hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars for solid chiropractic research. Can you imagine chiropractors across the globe uniting on one day to raise money for chiropractic research?. Can you imagine the impact that this will have on the health of present and future generations? Can you envision how this initiative can produce the research which will demonstrate that chiropractic is the answer to many of the challenges facing the health care system today?

Register a foursome today, ask some of your patients who are business leaders or well known personalities to sponsor a hole, or donate an item for the silent auction. Tell others about this event and letʼs make this inaugural tournament an overwhelming success.

You can register by emailing me, Dr Peter Amlinger at or by sending a check made out to Purposeful Living Inc. to 210-3476 Glen Erin Drive, Mississauga, On L5L 3R4, along with the name of your foursome.

The tournament is on Saturday, September 18, 2010, the 115th birthday of chiropractic At Carlisle Golf and Country Club. It will be a 1:00 pm shotgun start and will be a best ball format. Dinner and silent auction to follow.

hope to see you on the fairways on the 18th!

Dr. Peter Amlinger, DC Chiropractor

Here’s the full flyer – share the word!