A young couple was in getting checked for subluxation and they asked me when they could expect the pain and stiffness from their new exercise program to stop. My response was if you donʼt hurt after exercise you havenʼt trained.

The general principle of weight training is that by lifting the weight you tear muscle fibres. This creates an inflammation in the muscle. As the muscle repairs itself it rebuilds itself bigger.

The take away here is that the mission of innate intelligence is to adapt us to our world. The stress of the exercise incites an innate adaptive and healing response which, even though painful, makes us stronger. If you were to take a drug to shut this adaptive response off you would be cheating yourself out of what you are trying to create.

Remember you have an infinite potential within in you, your innate intelligence. It is capable of adapting you to anything life throws at you. If it is flowing over your nervous system without interference the by product is maximum adaptability, maximum health potential, maximum expression of YOUR potential, from within out.

We are always being challenged by physical, chemical and emotional stressors. If they overwhelm our adaptive capacity we subluxate. The subluxation then dims down the expression of this intelligence.

Chiropractors analyze people for the presence of subluxation and remove it through the adjustment, thereby restoring the optimum flow of this wisdom.

This magnificent inner wisdom doesnʼt need any help, just no interference. Simple? Absolutely! Powerful beyond measure? Incredibly so!

Live fully connected to your innate for your lifetime with regular chiropractic care.