This weekend was a holiday weekend in Canada.  It is typically a weekend during which Canadians celebrate spring, opening our camps and cottages, planting our gardens and barbecuing. I chose to fly across the ocean to Singapore, to lead a seminar for a group of the most part young, but very dedicated chiropractors. These young doctors and their chiropractic office assistants are dedicated to learning and growing so that they can take the message and gifts of chiropractic to the people of their countries.

It was an inspiring weekend for both those who attended the seminar and also for me.  As I taught the chiropractic principle and taught these doctors adjusting skills, I was reminded of the power and possibility behind every chiropractic adjustment that I deliver.

On my flight home I happened review the work of Dr. Victor Frankl’s seminal work, MANS SEARCH FOR MEANING.

As I reread Dr. Frankl’s account of his experiences in the Nazi death camps and the Warsaw Ghetto I was very deeply humbled.  It is difficult to boil his experience down to a few sentences.  Essentially, this renowned doctor was captured by the Nazi and put in a concentration camp.  As he entered the camp, he declared a firm intention to himself that he would survive and record his experience. He discovered as he journaled his daily experiences that he had to find beauty in everything, in order to survive.  When he was brought a bowl of cold, dirty water with a fish head in it as his only daily meal, he had to see the beauty in it.  And he did.

He survived, barely.  His experiences lead him to develop a new field of psychotherapy, named logo therapy.  It is based upon people finding their definite major purpose in life.  He discovered while in the death camps that if people thought that they would be liberated on a certain date and fixed on that date, they would die after that day passed, because liberation didn’t occur.  He noted that their death certificate would say they died of tuberculosis, or some other disease.  He said, however, that what they actually died from was a loss of purpose in life.

Know that you were loved into existence with a specific purpose, unique to you.  It is based upon being your authentic self, the real you.

My purpose is it free the world from the grips of chronic subluxation, so people may be happy, healthy and innately guided.  I know that a subluxation free world is a better world.  It is a more peaceful world with less sickness, less crime and more peace and joy.  A subluxation free world is a world in which people are fully connected to their Creator, through a nervous system free of interference.  It is the world that I see.

If you are not my patient and you are reading this, your chiropractor has the same purpose and the same vision.  Please help us by referring others into our offices so that they can receive the gift of regular lifetime family chiropractic care.

I would like to complete this thought by thanking all those people who support my purpose and my vision.  I cannot name them all but they include my family, chiropractors around the world who invite me to come to their communities to share this vision, my patient family who trusts me enough to take care of them and for understanding when I am called out of the office to serve this purpose, and many others.  I am certainly grateful to my Creator for choosing me to be a chiropractor and by instilling this purpose and vision deep within my heart.

Thank you all for helping me manifest a world free of chronic subluxation, fully connected to Source, through our innate intelligences.