How much time per day do you spend looking after your teeth?

My dentist tells me that I should brush three times a day, for two minutes each time.

That seems, to me, to be a reasonable amount of time to invest in my dental health.

Does it to you?

If my math is right, that means I am expected to spend 42 minutes a week on my teeth, and so are you.

Again, that just seems like a reasonable investment in time and effort to keep my teeth healthy for the rest of my life.  Right?

By the same token, does it not make sense to invest time and energy every week to maximize the function of our nervous system?

I am talking about the system that brings Life to the trillions of cells of your body, runs your body’s every function, runs your chemistry, senses and responds to your world and allows you to experience your emotions and your life.

Investing time every week to live clear of subluxations and express maximum life just makes sense, doesn’t it?

You, your children and everyone on the planet deserves to live fully connected to your innate intelligence, the power that made you, heals you, restores you and guides you through life!