life cause subluxations; chiropractic adjustments restore LIFE.

Notice that the life that causes subluxations is spelled in lower case letters, while the LIFE that the chiropractic adjustment restores is spelled with capitals.

LIFE refers to the vital LIFE force that flows through all living things.  In humans LIFE flows over our nervous system and controls all aspects of our existence, if it can get from the brain to the body, without interference.  LIFE, or innate intelligence, as we chiropractors commonly refer to it, is present within us from conception to death.  It creates us from two “half” cells and builds us into an organized, functional, fully integrated unit consisting of 50-70 trillion cells in 280 days!  It guides all of our functions, every second of the day.  It never sleeps.  It heals us.  It regenerates cells so that every year each of our cells are replaced.  It also guides us through life, (small letters), as it feeds us hunches, inspirations, thot flashes and sixth senses.  In a word LIFE, when flowing without interference allows us to adapt to whatever life throws at us.  When we are adapting we are growing in all areas of life!

life, refers to our daily processes of living.  We get up, we eat, we go to work or school.  We exercise; or we don’t.  Maybe we over exercise.  We have relationships that are healthy: or perhaps not.  We take time for ourselves to meditate, pray, play, or relax; or we don’t.  We love our job, we have a sense of purpose in our life; or maybe not.  We choose healthy nutritious living food most of the time; or we eat stuff we know isn’t good for us. Should I keep going ……. ?  I didn’t think so.

All this life, this living can overload the adaptive capacity of our nervous system and our nervous system then short circuits.  Have you ever overloaded an electrical circuit in your house?  Just as the circuit breaker on the electrical panel “trips” to protect the house and its contents when the circuit is overloaded, subluxations are the result of the circuitry in the brain and nervous system being overloaded.  The result of the overload of damaging stress, (vs beneficial stress), is subluxation which results in less than 100% LIFE flowing from our brain, over our spinal cord, to the 70 trillion cells in our body.

When living subluxated, a person cannot heal, think, feel, perform or adapt optimally.  This state can exist in the presence of symptoms or be silent.  Since the body is slowly degenerating while living subluxated, tissue damage and sickness are the inevitable endpoint, years down the road.  Unless, the subluxation is detected and corrected.  Think of chiropractors as circuit checkers, checking the spine for short circuits and switching the system back on when they find circuits that have become overloaded.

How do we live subluxation free in todays world?  As BJ Palmer said “LIFE depends upon the liver.”  In actuality, the only way is through regular chiropractic care.