It has been said:

Everything happens for a reason.  LIVE IT, LOVE IT, LEARN FROM IT!

Make sure your smile changes the world, but don’t let the world change your smile!

Johnny Depp has said: “You can close your eyes to the things that you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart to the things that you don’t want to feel.”

Here is my two cents worth folks:



These two phrases, I believe capture the first two quotes.  If you choose to believe that everything in life is purposeful and happens for a reason, then everything that happens in your life serves you.  I had a fellow in last week who has been suffering for over two years from challenges which stemmed from a car crash.  I asked him how the crash served him and he listed out the distinctions he has made as a result of the crash.  He lives in constant pain as a result of the experience (that will be changing soon as we remove the subluxation but he is grateful for the growth in his life experience from the lessons learned.  The natives teach that we have to see the beauty in all of creation even when it isn’t pretty.  Everything you have attracted into your life is there to guide you, teach you and evolve you, IF you remain open to the fact that LIFE IS PURPOSEFUL.  If you choose not to accept this assertion which has been proven in both physics and mathematics, you run the risk allowing the world to change your smile and closing your eyes and heart down to what LIFE is trying to teach you.  This is a major cause of subluxation and will ensure that you keep attracting similar experiences as LIFE, the animating force of all creation ,continuously attempts to wake you up and teach you the lessons essential to your evolution.

I must say this wisdom just doesn’t apply to personal experiences, the experiences happening globally are for our individual and collective evolution as well.  Meditate and touch within yourself those parts of yourself that are at war for example.  If you create peace within these parts of yourself you will have contributed to the advancement of world peace.


All of your reality is but a reflection of what is going on within you.  Turn inside to find it, uncover the teachings, heal it and evolve your life.

You have just been given the teachings of a sixteen hour workshop in a page.  If you would like more detail contact me.

Living fully connected to your innate through a subluxation free nervous system is the best way I know to stay open to LIFES LESSONS.  Get checked and adjusted regularly!