“Medicine is the study of disease and what causes man to die.  Chiropractic is the study of health and what causes man to live.”

BJ Palmer, DC

This difference became very obvious to me last week.  It also became very apparent that many of our patients are not yet aware of the difference between these two professions.

I was dealing with some pretty significant congestion in my head and chest last week.  I felt like crap and I looked crappier.  On Tuesday I got adjusted three times.  This resulted in me feeling a lot better on Wednesday.  At the same time I sounded and looked a lot worse.  Many thought I should attack the germ, the sickness.  I chose to let my being bring me back to health.

It was alarming to me, as my innate brought me through this process, how many patients asked if I “had a cold.”  When I said no, they then asked if it was allergies.  Again, I answered no.  They then said: “but you are very congested.”

I said YES, that I acknowledge.  I then went on to explain that I don’t label symptoms because my innate doesn’t need a label, a diagnosis, to heal me from the inside out.  It does need:

  • A subluxation free nervous system,
  • Quality rest (that was missing)
  • Proper nutrition (oops, I chose a very “healthy” raw diet which didn’t resonate with me)
  • Exercise
  • Healthy positive thoughts
  • Meditation

Maintaing a subluxation free nervous system and listening to your Friend Within is chiropractic.  The other things I’ve mentioned above are part of a healthy lifestyle but aren’t chiropractic.  If lacking in our life, however, we may subluxate more frequently.

Here is the deal.  Either one believes that we have an infinite power within us. An innate intelligence, that creates us, heals us and guides us through life as long as it can flow from brain to body and back without interference.  Or we don’t.

If you do and you trust this power, there is no longer a need to label processes that your being is going through.  The danger in labeling is that it leads to a desire to treat or manage the label.  I choose to focus on giving my being what it needs to create health.

Our focus is to keep you fully connected to this infinite power within you, through the adjustment, as often as you need it.  This is our passion and it is all that we do.  Nobody does it better.