This weekend we hosted a seminar at which some of the best chiropractors in Canada, if not the world came together to share their wisdom.  Multitudes of seemingly miraculous healings were presented by each speaker.

There was a common thread in each lecture.  The message was consistently about the unlimited capacity to heal, revivify and recreate that exists within each and every one of us.

The message was about the fact that this capacity is dependent upon the flow of LIFE from above, down – inside, out.  From brain to body, without interference.

The other side of the message was that the sole responsibility of the chiropractor is not to heal, but to remove subluxations.  Our only responsibility is to keep humanity free of life limiting subluxations.

It boils down to this:

Chiropractors are not parts people; we are power people.

Going forward, as you receive your adjustment focus not on the parts of yourself.  Realize that when you are living in a subluxated state every cell of your body, every component of your being is starving for life force.

As your chiropractor restores the flow of your innate intelligence, know that every part of you is being bathed with an infinitely intelligent, powerful, capable and loving power which can and will heal you, revivify you, recreate you and guide you from that moment in time forward.

If you focus on your parts, you limit the possibilities that lay dormant within you, waiting to express themselves and move you forward in your healing and evolution.