Dr John Hinwood’s life is filled with miracles because of his great and
growing level of expectation. His life of miracles has blessed the lives of
thousands around the world, because he never sought miracles for selfish
reasons. In the past 24 years he has personally handed out over 86,000
little white cards which only have 3 words written on them… ‘Expect A
Miracle’. His experience with miracles will show you that to receive a
miracle, you must first believe in, and then expect one.
A chiropractor for 34 years he created one of Australia’s busiest philosophy
driven practices with his wife Judy. He will teach you that you first have
to communicate the chiropractic message to yourself, then your support team
so you in turn you create amazing synergy and energy in your practice and
your community to spread the miracle of chiropractic.
His extraordinary ability to communicate his vision and philosophy to an
infinite range of people creates an energising, transformational paradigm
shift for all. Once you’ve experienced John you will never forget this man’s
presence. You will have been impacted in such a positive way that you yearn
for more.
John will have you laughing, crying, qualifying your world, and he will
leave you with the unforgettable feeling of being deeply and profoundly